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What was your favorite Christmas gift?

I would have to say my favorite gift was something the kids actually get for me every year, a personalized calendar. They put pictures of themselves and our pets along with special events and days we have planned on the calendar. I love looking at them from year-to-year and see how they have grown. I also loved the spa gift certificate because frankly who doesn't love going to the spa and having a day to yourself and relaxing!
Lexi's favorite gift was One Direction concert tickets. They're going to be in Hershey Park over the summer and one of her best friends is also going. She is totally obsessed with Harry Styles and is super excited for the concert.
Caleb's favorite gift where these custom-made, personalized sneakers. I have a feeling though with all the snow he probably won't be wearing them. He keeps looking at them and thanking me over and over.
What was your favorite gift that you got on Christmas?