Getting paid to be a couch potato?  I knew the day would come!  I think I have found my dream job!  Would you stay in bed for 2 months?  If you think you have what it takes to do it, NASA is looking for you!

NASA's looking for volunteers willing to lie in bed for 70 DAYS.  It's for a study on what happens to people's muscles, bones, and circulation when they're horizontal for an extended period of time . . . like during space travel.

So they need people who will live at the Johnson Space Center in Houston, and spend 70 straight days lying in bed.

But while you're in bed, you can do anything you want.  You can play video games, read, use the Internet, watch movies, have visitors, eat.  You can even somehow take a shower and use the bathroom while you're still lying in bed.

You're only allowed to stand up if they need to run a test.

BUT . . . they pay about $5,000 PER MONTH.  And that covers two weeks of prep time, and two weeks of exercise and re-adjustment after.  So with your 70 days in bed, plus the other stuff, you're looking at a nice $15,000 payday. (Daily Mail)

You can apply here, but I am pretty sure I am who they are looking for!  :)