Everyone is talking about the nerd from the Go Daddy.com Super Bowl commercial who struck gold when he made out with Bar Rafaeli.  His name is Jesse Heiman.

After the commercial aired he said, "I've actually had guys tweet me that they wish they were me, and girls tweet me saying they wish they were Bar.  I have girls run up to me and take pictures with me, tweet me for dates."

It took 65 Takes to get the ad right.  By the way, neither of them seemed to have an issue with that.  Bar Rafaeli said, "I told him that when we kissed he's a very very good kisser."  I can't speak for every guy but that is quite an endorsement!

He's become known as the 'world's greatest extra' because he has been in a lot of movies and tv shows.

Check out a montage of movies and TV shows he can be seen in here.