As you may have noticed, Downtown Binghamton has new back-in diagonal parking spaces available. Drivers who park in these spaces MUST back in, no exceptions. I must say that this law is strictly enforced as I have yet to see a car who pulled in as usual without a ticket on their windshield.

A nice little sign next to the spaces gives directions on how to back in to these spaces. Of course I'm sure drivers are going to read this sign before attempting to back in...not. I have yet to see any accidents occur in this busy area that these parking spaces are located but I have got to say that I don't see these spaces being very convenient for drivers. I avoid these spaces at all costs but I did have to park there the other day for the first time. I'll admit I'm not the best driver in the world and backing up into a parking space is not something I'm very good at but I managed.

How do you feel about the new back-in diagonal parking spaces? Helpful or a headache?

Photo: Kiesha