Are you one who makes New Year's resolutions? I never really have been one to make them. I try to workout and eat healthy all year. I don't smoke. So I never really thought it was necessary. Besides I always would see people make resolutions, like hitting the gym everyday or eating salad's for lunch, but after a few weeks the old habits would start to creep back in and the resolutions were tossed to the side. So making New Year's resolutions were never my "thing".  But this year I decided to make one. Maybe you will think my resolution is corny.

I have decided in 2013 to just be happy, whatever it takes to just let things that drag me down go and just simply be happy and enjoy life in the moment. Not sweating the "small stuff'" or worrying about everything. Realizing you can't change others but only yourself. I just want to be happy and be a good mom. And that is my goal. Enjoying my life and my freedom.

What are your views on New Year resolutions? And If you made them, what are they?