Well, today is the last day for junk food, smoking, drinking and everything else we shouldn't be doing in excess...until right around January 15th. After a couple of weeks, we will all be back to all of our bad habits that we truly wanted to change... but didn't.

Our gym memberships will go unused and we will revert back to the people we were just a couple of weeks ago.

Okay, you get my point. Everything that I just said above, don't do that! Don't be the person that announces all of the changes you are going to make via Twitter and Facebook when you have no intention on following through. Don't post your photo in your new gym clothes on Instagram if you aren't going to sweat in them all year long.

Instead of making a resolution, commit to a lifestyle change. If your plan is to workout regularly, make it apart of your life! I've made that resolution for the last 6 years. Finally, I realized that I needed to make fitness a part of my life. Working out is no longer my resolution because its a part of who I am now.

You don't have to wait until January 1st to make a change. It's always the right time to make a positive change in your life! If you really want something, nothing will hold you back! I wish everyone a happy new year and best of luck on your "lifestyle changes"!