Let's face it, gambling is more about luck than anything else.  So, why not enlist the help of a manatee or two to help you win some coin!

So of course there's a little football game that's to be played on Sunday and I don't know about you but all I want to know is what do the psychic manatees have to say? Hugh and Buffett, two manatees who live at the Aquarium at the Mote Marine Laboratory in Sarasota, Fla., have offered their picks for the big game!

However, like most humans, they can't agree on which team will win. Aquarium officials put up targets featuring each team's logo up against the walls and waited to see which would appeal to the giant marine mammals. Hugh picked the Seahawks while Buffett picked the Broncos which really doesn't help any of us.

So for what it's worth, Marine lab researcher Kat Nicolaisen is putting more stock in Buffett's pro-Broncos prediction because believe it or not, Buffett has correctly picked the winning team for the past six Super Bowls! No kidding! Nicolaisen joked, "If he picks 10 years in a row, we'll have to sign him up with SportsCenter or a Vegas bookie or something." (Bradenton.com)

On a side note, if you take Louie G's advice from this article and win you only owe him 10%!  :)

Good luck and enjoy the commercials...I mean the game!