***UPDATE: The refrigerator and freezer recycling program has been suspended as of November 23, 2015. Visit NYSEG.com for more information.

Have you been thinking about maybe getting rid of that old refrigerator or freezer? How about replacing with an energy efficient unit?

Well now is a great time to make this happen because New York State Electric and Gas (NYSEG) is offering an increased incentive for residents who want to recycle their old refrigerator. NYSEG now will pay $50 to customers who recycle old, energy-wasting refrigerators and freezers! The rebate amount had previously been $30 and only secondary units in a household had been collected. But they have recently bumped up that incentive to $50 and will accept the primary refrigerator or freezer in the kitchen.

Units from the 1990s and earlier may take as much as three times more energy to run than the new efficient models. The utility companies say getting rid of those old appliances could save a home as much as $150 a year in energy costs. So not only will you be saving money yearly , they will come and take it away for you and give you $50! Plus it's so much better for the environment.

To learn more visit NYSEG online to learn more about their energy efficiency programs.