Before we left to go down on the bus trip to New York City, Louie G Told me to bring him back to cannoli. So Alexis and I went down to Little Italy and we found this bakery that claimed to have "The Best Cannolis In The World". So I figured this is where we had to get a cannoli since they are "The Best Cannolis In The World". So I got one for me and one for Louie G. I put my cannoli on the right side of the bag, logically because I'm always right, and I put Louie's on the left side. So when I reached into the bag to eat mine I accidentally grabbed the one on the left which was actually Louie's, and I ate it. I realized it and felt bad I ate his cannoli but was happy later in the day when I still had mine to eat. Sorry Louie G! But I did take a picture of me eating yours. And then I ran into a life size cannoli! So I got my picture taken with him too in hopes that you would know I was thinking about you partner. Love you Louie G! Next year we will just have to go together and that way I won't eat the wrong persons cannoli.

This made me wonder, who do you think has the best cannolis locally?