Who doesn't LOVE Oreos?!?! Some people dunk them in milk while others open it up and eat the center first. However you eat your Oreos one thing can be said...it's hard to just eat ONE! Well now we may understand better why it's hard to stop after just one. Because according to a new study, Oreos are just as addictive if not MORE addictive than cocaine!

The researchers did brain scans on rats who had been given Oreos, and also rats who'd been given a small amount of cocaine. What the researchers found was the ones who had eaten the Oreos had actually had stronger cravings for more. They believe it be the same for people too.

I would say being addicted to Oreos isn't a bad thing to be addicted too! But of course we do need to be careful or the fat and sugar in them.

Are YOU addicted to Oreos? What's your guilty pleasure?