This video is appalling to me! I was never a parent that was against spankings. I will be honest, my kids both got pats on their butts when they were little. I never once used an object or belt and I can only remember them getting spankings a handful of times. They were generally well behaved and I felt "time outs" were more affective.

Now fast forward in time...I have a 9th grade son and I can't imagine spanking him! If he needs to be disciplined, he gets grounded or the best is to take the cell phone away. This video is so disturbing! That father humiliated his son in front of his peers! He looks like a big scary bully too. He's in his son's face, grabbed him by the shirt and whipped him seven or more times. I'm sorry but to me this is abusive! I'm furious! And trust me, I get teenagers, I have TWO and there are times they drive me to want to drink but they are TEENAGERS and I expect it! I would never humiliate my children like this! This father is a bully and coward and I feel so sorry for his son to be embarrassed like that. That father should have left that gym and properly disciplined his son. Instead he did it out of anger and not out of love. Shame on him!

Please share your thoughts with me.