Pennsylvanian makes it illegal to touch a pregnant woman's belly without her permission. If you touch pregnant woman's without her consent it falls under harassment. That's a misdemeanor that will usually get you a fine or community service but in extreme cases, you could get up to a year in jail!

I remember being pregnant and in Wegman's and this older man came up and touched my belly and kept rubbing my belly. I didn't like that! But he went on to say his daughter lived across the country and she was really pregnant and he was sad because he couldn't rub her belly and see her belly grow. It made me sad for him and I wouldn't have wanted him charged with harassment! With that being said, I do see the need for a law like this! Ask before touching! I am someone who likes my own personal space. And when strangers would just come up to me and start rubbing my belly, I hated it! For some reason it seemed to happen to me in grocery stores a lot.

What is your opinion? Is this a good law? a necessary law?

What do you guys think?