It's time for your weekly dose of Friday Fitspiration! I'll be honest, I kind of had a rough week at the gym. I didn't feel like I was putting in much effort or getting as much as I should out of my workouts. I basically just did a bunch of random workouts that were probably a waste of my time. I realized it was because I wasn't going to the gym with a plan!

Last week, I had my workouts written out for the entire week. I would bring the sheet of paper with me and mark exercises off as I went. I would also record how many sets and what weight I did. Why I didn't bring that schedule with me this week is beyond me but it helped me realize what a difference it made in my workouts!

Plan a weekly workout schedule for yourself and stick to it! Record how many calories you burn, weights, reps etc. Stick to this schedule and increase weight and other factors as time passes. You'll be able to challenge yourself and see your improvements. Go to the gym with a mission and accomplish that mission!