"I'm a 6 lb Yorkie named Spike. I love my family Corey, La Nissa, Hannah, and Maya and looking forward to returning back to them. We are staying hopeful that Spike will be in our arms where she belongs. She jumped out of Corey's truck Monday around 4:00 at Hoffman's Car Wash and has been seen several times up the parkway and as far down as the Hampton Inn."

"Any sightings please call Jimmy at 727-8810 (Vestal Animal Control) and or post here. There is a large network of people ready to respond. She is moving miles at a time now, if you see her, DO NOT YELL OR CHASE HER, SHE WILL run to the woods. Try to keep an eye on her from a distance as you call/post."

She was last spotted near Rano Blvd and Knapp Rd in Vestal yesterday. The day before that she was seen near SEFCU and Moe's/Panera Bread. Spike was last seen on/around Knapp Rd in Vestal, 4:30ish 1-1-14.

Please, if you have seen this little one contact Vestal Animal Control at 727-8810 or La Nissa Dyman at 607-624-4535.

PLEASE help bring Spike home!