I am like a little Christmas elf! I couldn't really justify talking about and preparing for Christmas until now since it is November! There's 3 weeks until Black Friday. Are you ready?

I've been on both sides of the Black Friday chaos. I've been the cashier at a department store and I've been the crazy shopaholic out in the middle of the night! I want to help all of my fellow shopaholics and deal seekers out with preparing for the big day...or night since it will most likely begin at midnight again!

Begin preparing with making a list. You want to make sure you go into each store with a plan so this is a very important step! In your list include:

  • Gift recipient
  • Gift
  • Store
  • Sale price according to the ad

To start creating this list, begin looking through ads. There are already a few Black Friday ads being leaked online! Also, you can download iPhone apps which will let you in on all of the Black Friday deals! Try the TGI Black Friday app, it's free.

This is only the first step for our Black Friday preparation so go get to work on your list! Check back for more tips on getting you through the busiest shopping day of the year!