Well Bentley was up to trouble the other day yet again! I was in the shower and when I came out I noticed brown stuff all over the rug, it turned out to be chocolate. I was confused and wondering how this happened. Bentley was watching me from the chair and looking very guilty. Then I started looking around at the crime scene and I noticed the tin foil wrapper. Apparently while I was in the shower Bentley went into Caleb's room, knocked over his Easter basket that was on his dresser, found a Cadbury Egg, took it downstairs, unwrapped it and ATE it! ALL of it!

Of course we all know that chocolate is poisons to dogs. I now know where the saying sicker than a dog came from. Bentley was rather sick, but thankfully he is fine! I realized it doesn't matter where food is in the house, he will find a way to get it!

Here is his picture where a captured his "I don't feel good Mommy" face.