I woke up Saturday morning and first thing I did was take Bentley outside. When I did this I noticed him limping. I thought to myself that maybe he stepped on something sharp so I got him into the house and examined his paw...nope couldn't see anything. So I figured he jumped off something and hurt his leg. On Sunday he wasn't any better and I called the vet. She said to give him baby aspirin and give it sometime because he probably hurt it by jumping off the couch or something. But on Tuesday I saw no improvement and he couldn't put any pressure on his leg at all! And he was so depressed! I took him to see his doctor and she did x-rays and thankfully didn't see any breaks but he was swollen and they thing he sprained or twisted a ligament. He was in pain so they gave him some anti-inflammatory medicine for the next ten days. I noticed some improvement this morning but he's still not himself. :)  Poor Bentley! Here is a picture of him yesterday before he went to the vet....doesn't he look so depressed!?!?