Bentley has been in dog obedience classes for the last few weeks. He is the most lovable, kind, cutest, sweetest dog you will ever meet but he definitely has some behaviors that need to be curbed. Like licking, jumping on people, spazzing out when he sees other dogs, running away, eating things and  potty-ing in the places he shouldn't. He really is a good boy when he's being held or carried in the backpack. So last Night we go to his obedience class and he was at an all-time obnoxious level. He does this spazzing out thing where he runs and darts all over and if he's on the leash and I'm holding him he will actually do flips in the air because he's just being wild. Well his instructor saw that for the first time. It was a challenging class to say the least! Someone told me one time that god gave me Bentley because I have the patience to deal with him, which is true and shocking because I'm not always a patient person by nature but I am with him!