Bentley has been in dog obedience class for several weeks now. He's a good, loving dog but he's very WILD. So I enrolled him in obedience classes in hopes of learning how to teach him to walk nicely on a leash and finally get this potty training thing done! So I have been discouraged because he's just as wild as before. He still has accidents from time to time. But I did see a huge improvement one day. Here's what happened:

Bentley and I went looking for Spike, a missing Yorkie. While we were out looking for her, I actually fell on ice and got really hurt. We were right on the Vestal Parkway and I was worried he would get away and get hit by a car so I held his leash super tight. I also was worried when I tried to stand up that he would pull me back down with his darting and spazzing that he does while walking. So I yelled "STOP! HALT!" And he listened. I yelled "SIT!" He listened. I yelled "STAY!" Again he listened. I was able to get up. I told him "SLOW!" and he would take one step then sit and turn around and look at me until I told him "Okay" and then he'd take another step. I was able to get back to my car with him doing that the whole way. I was in total disbelief! When it really counted he listened perfectly!

That taught me that Bentley is who he is. He's wild and hyper. He's a licker and he loves everyone. And he graduated last night from obedient class. He still jumps on people and other dogs. He still licks everyone who picks him up. He's still a spaz when we go for walks. He still 'attacks' our cats. He still tries to eat my chocolates. He still has poopy accidents from time to time. And I wouldn't change anything about him....well maybe the poopy accidents! But I love him just the way he is and I learned when it really mattered he knows how to listen! He's my little baby. Here's a picture of him last night with his diploma.