The first time I was at the new Yankee Stadium, I was surprised to see the calorie count of the food at the concession stands.  It didn't seem to affect the fans, because the lines were very long. And, I don't go to a Yankees game to eat healthy. However, this past weekend I was at the Yankees game for one get the Garlic Fries.  If you have had a chance to get the Garlic Fries at Yankee Stadium, then you know exactly what I am talking about.  While waiting in line, I was looking at the calorie count.  The number of calories on the large order of Garlic Fries scared me. So, I decided to get the small order.  I guess having the calorie count on the menu does help.  While I am on the subject of Garlic Fries, I would like to apologize to my dentist, who I have to visit today, for the terrible garlic breath.