I know drinking soda isn't good for you. There's too much sugar, too many empty calories, and it will practically rot your teeth. So I figured diet soda was a better choice, but apparently I'm wrong!

Even though there are about 7 teaspoons of sugar in one can of regular cola, it turns out diet soda, which is sugar and calorie free, might actually be worse for you.

Check out four reasons why you should stop drinking diet soda.

1. Diet soda can cause migraines. The chemicals in the artificial sweetener have been shown to cause migraines, anxiety, and insomnia. A study even found that when rats drank it, it damaged cells in the part of the brain associated with motor skills.

So maybe this is why my driving is so bad! Can I use the diet soda excuse to police officers next time?

2. Other foods don't taste as good. Artificial sweeteners overwhelm your taste buds. Diet Coke has aspartame, and that is 200 times sweeter than sugar. Splenda is 600 times sweeter that natural sugar! Drinking the diet overloads your taste buds making other foods not as tasty.

3. Drinking it actually increases your risk for diabetes. This one really surprised me because I thought sugary drinks would have increased our risk of diabetes! A recent study found that middle aged men who had at least one diet soda a day were much more likely to develop type-2 diabetes over the next seven years.

I was really wrong with my thinking on this one!

4. It might not even help you lose weight. Okay I'm going to be honest right now...regular soda tastes better but I'll always grab the diet because I'm worried about my weight, and now I'm being told that that diet soda might make you gain weight! In fact , several recent studies have shown it does the opposite and actually make you GAIN weight! One study found that found you're 65% more likely to become obese in the next decade if you drink diet soda.

That reason right there may get me to lay off the diet!

Remember we learned that artificial sweetener is hundreds of times sweeter to our taste buds than regular sugar. So foods that aren't loaded with salt and sugar start tasting better. 

After reading this I think I am going to pass on the diet soda, but I think I will also pass on the regular soda too. I know the stuff isn't good for me!


Source: Prevention