I have a new favorite local band. They are called 'The Look', and I have our own Tanya to thank.  We were hanging out at 'Men Who Cook' a couple weeks back, when she told me she was going to see them.  I went with her, and I was really impressed.  They are playing tomorrow night at Gallagher's Irish Pub on the East side,  so now I have weekend plans!

I don't know much about the band, couldn't find anything online about them, but the first thing you'll notice is the lineup.  Just three people, a "power trio" of two guys on drums and guitar, and a bass-playing female lead singer.  When Tanya and I saw them, they did all covers, in a wide range of styles.  Lots of fun party music going from 80's Michael Jackson and Pat Benetar, to current Black Eyed Peas and Pink, with some Gretchen Wilson thrown in for good measure.  The female singer nailed the vocals, and the band itself was tight.  Ever gone to see a band somewhere and left more impressed than you thought you'd be?  That was my experience with The Look. I told Tanya we should get them for this year's Slumber Party.

The Look is playing tomorrow night at Gallagher's Irish Pub.  Be sure to give The Look a listen!

matty j