Are you the survivor of something traumatic? A fire? The death of someone close to you? Abuse? Do your memories haunt you and keep you awake at night? Have you ever wished that you could erase the memories that have such a strong grip on you? If science has its way, you might soon be able to.

Scientists at Stony Brook University just outside of New York City say they believe that they’ve found a way to modify certain triggers in a person’s brain and by doing so, they believe they’ll literally be able to erase negative memories.

It really does sound like an episode of the Blacklist where Red erased Elizabeth’s memories. And, if you watch The Blacklist, then you know how well it works out when Elizabeth suddenly starts to remember things.

The scientists believe that not only will they be able to erase negative memories, but that they’ll be able to pump up the good ones. They believe that by being able to play with people’s memories, they’ll be able to help people who suffer from post-traumatic stress disorder. They also believe it could be used to comfort people with dementia.

So far this experiment has worked well with mice, but tests on humans haven’t been conducted yet.

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