Remember growing up and hearing your parents or teacher tell you to put on your "thinking cap?"  Well, scientists have actually come up with a real "thinking cap!"

Scientists at Vanderbilt University have created a 'thinking cap' that sends a subtle electric current through subjects' brains.  It doesn't feel like much--just a little tingling at first--but the current appears to boost our learning ability, according to the researchers.

In a majority of subjects who had received a nodal stimulation--current running from their crowns to their cheeks--a spike in brain activity during the experiment was significantly higher.

The subjects also learned faster and made fewer mistakes than did a "placebo" group that didn't get brain stimulation.  (Kurzweil)

I don't know about you but in my house the 'thinking cap' has been around a long time!  But, it wasn't a 'thinking cap', it was more of a 'thinking belt!'  Every time it was used I learned faster and made fewer mistakes!