We were out and about this weekend doing some Christmas shopping.  A couple people have told me to try this bar for a great meal. So, we decided to take a break from shopping and have dinner at this place.

By the way, this post will not do justice to the experience of going there.

The decor is something you would expect to see at a bar where the patrons only care is that the beer is ice cold.  The place is called Saks Tee House and it is on Hazel Street in Binghamton. Around the corner from Glenwood Avenue. It is a bar with some seating in the back to eat.  When you first walk in you want to turn around and leave, but I suggest you do not.

You have to get your own drinks.  The only waiter is the cook and occasionally you hear screams from the bar area of people watching some sporting event.  But, when you get past all of that, you will get a delicious meal!  And, you can put your elbows on the table and wear your Italy hat if you want. Definitely not a stuffy place and great food!

These are the kinds of places I love in Binghamton.

What is your favorite place in Binghamton that is a secret to 'non locals?'