Get ready to set your DVR because it's that time of year again! All of your favorite shows are back and ready to consume your life once again for the next couple of months! Here are some season premieres to look forward to this month:

Tonight: The Voice (NBC) 8pm
9/11: Sons of Anarchy (FX) 10pm
9/12: The X Factor (Fox) 8pm
9/13: Glee (Fox) 9pm
9/19: Survivor- Philippines (CBS) 8pm
9/20: The Office (NBC) 9pm
9/24: Dancing with the Stars - All-Stars (ABC) 8pm
9/27: Two and a Half Men (CBS) 8:30pm
9/27: Grey's Anatomy (ABC) 9pm

These are just SOME of the more popular shows I thought people might be into! What shows are you looking forward to this Fall?