Just a friendly reminder that Daylight Saving Time ends on Sunday at 2am which means it's time to fall back! Set your clocks back for one hour and gain an extra hour of sleep! Or, you can play a "trick on life" as the motivational speaker, E.T The Hip Hop Preacher, says and still get up at the same time you usually would! It will be like getting a one hour head start on the world! For example, I usually wake up around 7am on weekdays. When I set my clocks back, instead of "gaining" an hour of sleep, I will wake up when my clock reads 6am because it will still feel like 7am to me! I won't let my body get used to gaining an hour of sleep. Some may be thinking "Well then you'll be extra tired at night, Kiesha" well my response to that is that I already go to bed later than I should so going to bed an hour earlier isn't going to do anything but help me with my head start on the world! Think about it!