So here's the deal...WWE's Zack Ryder has released a song, 'Hoeski,' on iTunes to go along with his previously released music video. WWE fans know how great Zack is at getting attention through social media so I want to do the same and help him get Hoeski on Wild 104!

We need 1 million "yes" votes in order to play this song on-air. Sound impossible? Well, I have a plan. I need all of my WWE fans out there to use Twitter, Facebook, Tout, Instagram and any other way to reach out to Zack Ryder and tell him our plan to get his song on-air! The goal is to have him "share" this post with his followers to get their votes as well! If you are a true WWE fan I feel like I can count on you to have my back on this! So go ahead and share this post EVERYWHERE you can to get all of your friends and fellow WWE fans to vote, as well as sending this link to Zack Ryder! Ready, set, go!

*disclaimer: I don't support the use the of this word in the title against women. It's just a playful song not meant to be taken as seriously as one might...ok, just had to put that out there!*