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Why Aren't Women Proposing More?
In an age where you can marry someone of the same sex or another sex, why is it that it seems like women are still not proposing to their male partners?
Questions To Ask Potential Roommates
If you're looking for a roommate because all of your friends are bunking up with other people, you may feel a bit lost in trying to figure out how to know if someone would be a good fit for you.
Keep Your Pet Safe This Halloween
Halloween is one of my favorite holidays! But while it can be spooky and fun for us humans, if we're not careful, it can be deadly for our pets.
Flu Shot Myths Debunked!
The weather is getting colder, hopefully you're starting to bundle up in the morning, and flu season is quickly approaching!
Why You Should Always Hug After A Fight
Every couple in the history of dating has fought at one point or another, so when you decide to make up and move on, how do you get over that argument?
How Nostalgia Changes Your Brain
Even if you're young, you can still feel nostalgic of eras that have gone by, whether it be the swinging music of the 1950's or the disco fever of the 1970's, that feeling of longing is a common sensation for many of us.
What To Know Before You Date A Friend
The line between friendship and relationship can often be blurred because you spend a lot of time with the other person and grow to be comfortable around them, but is it a good idea to take the leap and start dating them?
Divorce Rates Are Dropping Thanks To Millennials
As a Millennial, being known for ruining almost everything was beginning to get tiresome, so when I found out that we are finally getting praised for doing something better than our parents generation, I was proud!
Great Advice If You're Feeling Lost
You don't always know if what you're doing right now is the "right" thing to do, and you'll only find out later which really, really sucks sometimes. Hindsight, you know?