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Holiday Hosting Tips
If you've made the mistake to offer to host Christmas dinner this year, you may be freaking out just a little bit.
Get To Know Your Partner More Over Dinner
You could be with your partner for years at this point, but maybe you don't know everything about your significant other or at least not as much as you think that you do.
Long-Term Relationship Rules To Live By
If you've made it to the dating year mark with your partner, there are some good relationship rules that you can implement in order to help insure that your relationship lasts.
'Tis The Season For Cheating!?
I thought that the holiday season meant spending more time with your friends and family, however it seems that it's around the holidays that people are more likely to cheat on their partners.
What Can't Food Banks Accept?
This time of the year, we're all in the giving season: whether that means finding the best and greatest toy for your nephew or donating to your local food kitchen.
Can Dogs Feel Embarrassment?
If you have a pet dog, you may have noticed that Fido has human-like emotions like excitement and embarrassment.
Habits That Can Make You Seem Harsh
Have you ever been told by someone that they thought one thing about you before they got to know you and then discovered that that assumption was not correct?
Being Bored In Your Relationship Is A Good Thing
When I get married next year, I will have been with my now-fiancé for almost four years, and living together for two and a half of those years. I can promise you that it has not always been exciting, but honestly, it's the times when we have been bored together that have been some of the…
Strategies To Deal With Family Around The Holidays
How is it that Thanksgiving is next week already!? With the holidays, that usually means a lot of quality time with your family, even if you have an aunt or uncle or cousin that you may not always get along with.
Does Your Dog Have Anxiety?
The hustle and bustle of the holidays are coming into full swing, and whether you're hosting friendsgiving or thanksgiving or a cookie exchange with your neighbors, there will be more movement and likely more people around your house, and that may make your pets a little nervous.