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Binghamton Mayor Sees a Roundabout Opportunity
Although Mayor Richard David has been a vocal critic of the downtown roundabout, he says he is willing to consider additional traffic circles for a future Binghamton gateway project.
'Parks and Recreation' Cast Slams NRA Over Leslie Knope Tweet
Bless the Parks and Recreation cast, and the political optimism they’ve come to embody. Following an NRA attempt to co-opt the image of Leslie Knope over Twitter, creator Mike Schur and stars Nick Offerman and Amy Poehler are letting the pro-gun organization have it.
Science Says Drinking Beer Is Relaxing
Have you had a busy day? Has this week been especially long? Are you feeling stressed out? If you answered "yes" to any of those, we've got the cure.
‘Jurassic World 3’ Sets Official 2021 Release
Jurassic World: Fallen Kingdom (they’re really sticking with that, aren’t they) doesn’t hit theaters until this summer, but Universal is already plotting the next sequel — and they’ve enlisted a new (female!) screenwriter to lend Colin Trevorrow a hand. Jurassic Wo…
Alex Garland Shares New Details of FX Tech Drama 'Devs'
Just in time for a glowing review of Annihilation, Alex Garland is also opening up about his new FX drama. The Ex Machina director’s sci-fi limited series shooting later this fall officially has a working title, premise and more fresh details.