Traci Taylor

I'm not much of a breakfast eater, but if somebody wants to make it for me, serve it to me, and clean up afterward- I'm all for it!

But it looks like I'm in the minority when it comes to moms who actually want breakfast in bed this Mother's Day. Only four percent of moms say that they look forward to being treated to breakfast from the comfort of their own bed.  Maybe they don't have a Sleep Number bed like I do. My bed is so comfortable that I practically have to be dragged from it!

Zagat conducted a survey of moms and 54 percent confessed that they "loathe" being served breakfast in bed and that they'd rather be treated to a meal outside of the house. And while a massive number of moms say "no thanks" to breakfast in bed, the meal that most moms want to be taken out to is brunch. 39 percent of moms say they'd like to be treated to brunch with their family.

It might seem strange that a mom wouldn't want breakfast to be delivered to her in bed but would like to go out for brunch. I have a theory- no good intention goes unpunished. I think there's a fear that even though they're told not to worry about cooking or cleaning, moms know that once they step foot in the kitchen, things aren't going to be cleaned or put away to their standard and then they feel burdened with having to clean and straighten things on the day that they're supposed to be able to relax. No? Only in my house? Yeah, I'm not buying that!

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