If you happen to tell your fiance that you want everyone to dress like zombies for your wedding and she's willing to give you just that. A "Walking Dead" themed wedding, NEVER LET HER GO! Pittsburgh Steelers running back DeAngelo Williams put a ring on her finger in full on zombie mode..

He and his wife Risalyn, and their entire bridal party wore zombie makeup, complete with facial prosthetics and splattered-on blood and slime.

DeAngelo and Risalyn actually started out "normal", and got turned into zombies by the bridal party. I don't know if Risalyn likes the show as much as her new un-dead husband, but she was fine with it happening. She said,"He didn't have to convince me, he really had to convince the bridesmaids. But then they said they had to do it because they're bridesmaids." DeAngelo said, "It is a dream come true, it is unbelievable. And what makes it even more magical is not only did I become a walker, but I became a husband and inherited a beautiful wife."