Unannounced Visitor Stops By Louie G’s House
The other day I was home in my living room. I was minding my own business and definitely not watching the Spice Channel, when all of a sudden I heard a thump on my window.
I got up to investigate and found this feathered friend on the window sill looking in at me...
If You Have Heart Issues Then Get A Dog
Playing with dogs is so much fun to me. But, there are more benefits to playing with dogs then it just being fun.
And, this should come as no surprise to anyone to know that petting and playing with dogs lowers blood pressure and heart rate almost immediately...
You Have To See This Video Of A Man’s Best Friend
The term, 'Man's Best Friend' is said a lot when referring to a man and his dog. I think that the term is used loosely, but after you see this video you will know EXACTLY what it means.
Whenever I put a video up for people to see, please know that it is done for a reason...