Is Your First Car One Of The 50 Worst Cars Of All Time
Who doesn't remember their first car. If my Ford Taurus could talk I would be in jail right now.
Time Magazine has come up with a list of the 50 worst cars of all time. And, it made me think of my very first car, the Ford Taurus. I complained about it all the time and even cursed at it...
Don’t Skip On These Car Repairs
You are a lucky person if you have a mechanic you can trust. I've heard stories about people being taken advantage of, because we just don't know about cars.
We are skeptical when it comes to getting things done on our cars. But, Angie's list has compiled a list of some car repairs we …
Chrysler Invented A Car That Takes Selfies
You are driving along and think how cool it would be to take a selfie right now. Well, Chrysler has heard your call and want to help.
It's super dangerous to take a selfie while you're driving.  But since we just can't survive without those photos, maybe this is the answer...
Look out For These Car Repair Scams!
The one thing that stinks about cars is that we have to take the mechanic's word. We have to trust him or her that they are not trying to scam us when they tell us we need something for our vehicle.