Have You Seen “The Rewrite” Yet
The other day I was relaxing at home and nothing was on TV. So, I started looking through my movie collection and grabbed The Rewrite.
I put the DVD in and watched it...again. I love how much of Binghamton is featured in the movie.
Binghamton University graduate Marc Lawrence wrote and directed The Re…
Nickleback Helps Stop Drunk Drivers
Have you ever been Nicklebacked? I hope not. The band doesn't know it but they are helping stop drunk driving.
According to the Toronto Star, Canadian police in a small Prince Edward Island town have come up with a most interesting way to deter drunk drivers...
How Many Celebrities Wear A Toupee?
Donald Trump's hair has been the center of attention and jokes since he threw his hat in the ring for the Presidency.
And, I have to admit that I honestly didn't know if it was his real hair or a toupee. So, I thought it would be fun to play a game of "toupee or not a toupee...