It’s Time To Start Dating Older Men
This might sound like a shameless attempt on my part to get you to go out with me, but I promise...It is! All kidding aside, here are some reasons why you should date an older guy.
Some Ways To Keep Your Love Alive
When you are standing at the alter, you imagine that it's going to last forever and a day. But, realistically speaking, it's not that easy at all.
In fact, more than half of those love birds will file for divorce. Married psychiatrists Philip Lee and Diane Rudolph of New York-Presbyterian/W…
The Age That A Guy Is The Most Romantic
Ladies, if you are looking for someone who is romantic, then you need to find or meet a guy who is a certain age.
Finding a romantic guy might be like finding a needle in a hay stack. But, if you want to increase your chance of finding Mr...
Get Over Your Fear of Commitment
Committing to someone forever seems terrifying to some people. They can commit to a career, to friends, to an entire lifestyle, but to another person? No way.
Dating Tips To Steal From 20-Somethings
Dating has changed since the last time I was on a one. In fact, it has changed so much that I'm actually scared to go on a date.
I was talking to a friend the other day, and they were saying that they had a date but were very nervous to go on it because it's been so long since they did the …
Some Things We All Need In Order To Fall In Love
Who doesn't want to fall in love? The problem is that we get so excited we tend to not see obvious signs that it's not the right one.
There is no rhyme or reason to why we fall for someone. This will forever be one of those mysteries that we will just have to accept...

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