Pet Of The Week: Dae
Jackie Nutt has teamed up with Broome County Humane Society to start a 'Pet Of The Week' video series! - This week it's Dae, a beautiful 3-year-old cat!
Coming Soon: Pet Of The Week!
I'm starting a 'Pet Of The Week' video w/ Broome County Humane Society to show the incredible animals they have there, and hopefully find them forever homes! :)
Pit Bull Police Dogs
Pit bulls get a very bad rap, and I'm not here trying to argue preach. Instead this a story about incredible police dept. taking pit bulls under their wings!!
Don’t Forget About Your Pet!
Hey! It's not all about you this Halloween season haha!! Don't forget to dress your pet up in just as cute of a costume :) Here's some awesome DIY suggestions!

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