Primary Deadlines for Broome County Voters
September 5 is the deadline to mail in an absentee ballot application for a Primary Election to be sent through the mail.
The last day to vote via absentee ballot in person is September 11. Ballots being returned by mail also have to be post marked by Monday, September 11.
Absentee ballots for …
Guy Has No Idea Who Won Presidential Election
No matter who you were rooting for in this year's Presidential election, I am sure you are all jealous of this guy who has no idea who won.
According to a story from WGN TV, a Georgia man has taken "ignorance is bliss" to a whole new and seemingly impossible level...
Louie G’s Thoughts On The Election
The election has come and gone, and even with social media not too much has changed since I was a kid and my dad was in office.
Don't expect anything to deep or profound. And, not surprisingly, my thoughts about the election and politicians in general is very similar to a restaurant...
11 Weird Election Facts…
Well Donald Trump won the 2016 Presidential Election against Hillary Clinton yesterday... but that wasn't the only interesting thing to happen!!!!!

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