Male Cosmetic Counters Are On The Rise
I don't know about you, but male cosmetic counters don't really surprise me at all. I had a friend who would use some sort of cosmetic cream so his eyes wouldn't look too old.
Here Are Some Questions To Help You Find Happiness
Are you happy with your life. If not, are you willing to make some changes, even big changes to get there? Here are some questions to help you.
According to INC.Com, Becky Lynn Smith wrote a book called "Designing Your Ideal Life: Create Your Blueprint For Success And Happiness"...
Some Healthier Choices At Different Fast Food Joints
We all love our fast food. But, we also know that if we want to keep our health in check we need to limit how much fast food we eat.
But, just because you go to a fast food place doesn't mean you have to eat bad. They all have healthier choices...
Having A Pet Doesn’t Boost A Kid’s Health
Sorry kids! This was a great argument to get your parents to let you have a pet. But, telling them that a dog is good for your health isn't true.
I am not sure that I totally agree with this study. After all, how is caring for or walking a dog not going to do anything beneficial to your well-bei…
New Restaurant Serving Only Food Made With Cheetos
If you are a fan of Cheetos, then your prayers are being answered. A new restaurant will be serving food only made with Cheetos.
According to, there is a new restaurant opening next week in New York City that will only be serving food that is made with Cheetos...

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