New Invention To Battle Boob Sweat
There's not too much that's more embarrassing in the summer than wearing a nice shirt and having perfectly located sweat marks under each boob.
I always carry a towel with me and try to discreetly try to wipe the sweat from under my boobs, but that doesn't always work...
If You Want To Make More Money Grow A Mustache
If you really want to make more money or even become a millionaire, then it's time to get rid of the razor and grow a mustache. But, don't count on saving it.
According to Reuters.com, men who sport mustaches are not only more likely to get hired at job interviews but they're also more likely to comm…
Ways To Prevent Coffee Stains On Your Teeth
I think it's safe to say that there is no way you are going to be giving up your coffee habit anytime soon, right? Well, here are some ways to prevent coffee stains on your teeth.
By the way, I am right with you. I don't drink coffee, but if I did there would be no way I would give it up ei…
How To Fight Bad Breath
More than 50% of Americans suffer from Halitosis. If you are brushing properly then there might be another issue going on.
My dad used to say, "Halitosis is better than no breath at all." Very true, isn't it. But, if you did not just gargle with garlic and are brushing twice a …
Eating While Driving Dangerous But Not Why You Think
We all eat and drive at some point. It seems harmless enough. But, it's dangerous. And, you will be surprised to find out why.
According to Autoblog.com, nasty germs that cause food poisoning, skin infections and vomiting infest your vehicle unless you clean it out at least once a week...
Your Water Bottle Is Filthy
It is great that you don't leave the house without your water bottle. But, you might be carrying around a mini toilet.
I don't know about you but I buy a bottle of water about once every 4 months. I find a bottle I like, then I keep refilling it until I decide to throw it away...
Man Fired For Having ‘Extreme Gas’
I am thankful because I feel like I dodged a bullet. But, I wouldn’t be too surprised if you see a line on divorce papers that list ‘extreme gas’ as a reason for ending a marriage.
According to the Smoking Gun,  is reporting that a 70-year-old guy named Richard Clem of Lev…
There Is Now A Special Toilet Paper For Your Cell Phone
If you say that you don't use your phone in the bathroom then you are a liar! Good news..there is now toilet paper for your cell phone.
You probably use your phone when you're on the toilet . . . and in the process, it's getting BLASTED with all sorts of disgusting particles and germs.…
Some Everyday Things That Can Ruin Your Teeth
Are you obsessive about your teeth? If so, you probably don't do any of these things that can be ruining your pearly whites.
I recently was talking to a friend of mine who works at a grocery store. I'm not sure how accurate this is but he told me that teeth whitening products are one of the…
How Safe Is It To Share Earbuds?
Am I the only one who thinks that it's not OK to share headphones? Especially earbuds. I'm not sure why, but I am just not a fan of sharing my earbuds with anyone!

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