Louie G

Louie G’s Gambling Trivia Challenge
Are you a gambler? I love going to casinos. I am not sure why I love gambling and going to casinos because I never ever win. But, they are still fun.
In honor of Tioga Downs getting the table games in their casino last week, I have decided to make today's trivia challenge about gambling...
Louie G’s Thoughts On The Election
The election has come and gone, and even with social media not too much has changed since I was a kid and my dad was in office.
Don't expect anything to deep or profound. And, not surprisingly, my thoughts about the election and politicians in general is very similar to a restaurant...
How Well Do You Know The Real Louie G?
How well do you really know Louie G? You have heard me on the radio for over 20 years but here is your chance to get up close and personal with the Louie G that you don't hear on the radio.
Blind Binghamton Pizza Taste Test [VIDEO]
Would you step over your own mother for a pizza? Have you ever left a date early to go and get pizza? Do your loved ones consider your love of pizza creepy or unhealthy? If you answered 'Yes' to those questions then you are...Louie G!
I do love my pizza...
Where Were You On 9/11?
Every year on the anniversary of 9/11 I don't have to ask myself where I was.  My mind automatically flashes back to that dreadful day that started out as another normal September day. I am sure a lot of people would like to forget that day all together...