Will Your Relationship Last?
Getting into a relationship can be a scary moment because you go into it knowing that you will either spend the rest of your life together with them or you will break up (and be heartbroken).
Signs You’re Not “The Marrying Kind”
Does anytime someone ask you when you'll be settling down with your significant other cause your stomach to turn a little or make you squirm? It's not that you don't want to be with your partner, but maybe you're just not "the marrying kind".
Do You Think This Wedding Trend Will Catch On
I recently saw a letter from a concerned parent about his daughter who is getting married and she has a weird request for her guests.
The parent called the request "tacky", but the daughter says a lot of her friends are doing it. The parents are embarrassed to ask their guests to do…
What To Know Before “I Do”
When planning for the wedding, it can be easy to forget that life is going to exist after the wedding, and it may be one you're not prepared for.
Take This Quiz To See If Your Relationship Will Last
So, you found the love of your life. And, who doesn't want "happily ever after?" You can take this quiz to see just how much you know about that person and if it will.
There is now a test to see if your relationship will last the test of time...

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