Men NEED Alcohol To Have A Good Time
Whenever I read studies like this, I kick myself for not doing better in school. I could have been part of this groundbreaking study and drank for free for the experiment.
According to the Daily Mail, a bunch of scientists got together to finally get to the bottom of why the funnest night for guys al…
Would You Buy A Ranch Dressing Fountain
It's not a party until you have a Ranch Dressing Fountain! Look out chocolate fountain, this is way cooler.
I have been to so many parties that have had one of those chocolate fountains. I never use it. It's cool to look at, but I don't think I have ever actually taken chocolate from i…
Double Dipping Can Be Deadly
The big game is coming up this weekend. There is going to be no shortage of parties happening and knowing this piece of advice could save your life.