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Texting Habits You Need To Quit
In the world of technology, we are usually fully immersed in computers, cell phones and social media of all kinds. There are some habits that most of us have fallen into that, especially when it comes to texting.
Here Is The Reason We Can’t Give Up Facebook
I want to quit Facebook. You want to quit Facebook. We all want to quit Facebook but no one can pull the trigger. Why?
It is going to take a group of scientists to figure out why we are so addicted to Facebook. Like they have nothing better to do than try and understand why we are on Facebook every w…
A Vending Machine That Sells Instagram Likes?
What a crazy world we live in. I remember vending machines as the thing that took most of my money as a young person and replaced it with fat.
I do have a confession though. When I was young and dumb I took a dollar bill and attached a long piece of tape on the end...
Here Are Some Ways To Be Cool On Social Media
We all want that distinction of being cool. And, being cool on social media would be even better. Here are some ways to be social media cool.
But, who are the experts when it comes to being a cool with your social media accounts. Well, Mashable...
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Could You Detox From Your Phone?
We have all said it a million times...we wish we weren't so attached to our phones. But, when push comes to shove, we could not let it go for a day.
Do you think you need a phone detox? Would you do a phone detox? According to a survey from Decluttr...
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