New Invention To Battle Boob Sweat
There's not too much that's more embarrassing in the summer than wearing a nice shirt and having perfectly located sweat marks under each boob.
I always carry a towel with me and try to discreetly try to wipe the sweat from under my boobs, but that doesn't always work...
Here Are Some Of Next Year’s New Emojis
Since Emojis are our main form of communication these days, I thought it was important to let you know about some new ones coming out next year.
And, maybe you knew this but I didn't...there is actually a group that regulates emojis and picks what will make the official set...
Here Is The Reason We Can’t Give Up Facebook
I want to quit Facebook. You want to quit Facebook. We all want to quit Facebook but no one can pull the trigger. Why?
It is going to take a group of scientists to figure out why we are so addicted to Facebook. Like they have nothing better to do than try and understand why we are on Facebook every w…
A New And Improved Toothbrush That Saves Time
If you hate the task of brushing your teeth everyday, so much that you would consider having false teeth just so you wouldn't have to brush then I have something for you.
What about brushing your teeth stinks? The time it takes, the repetitive arm motion or both...
The World’s Most Expensive Fidget Spinner
Most people might think that this is a dumb thing but I really would love to have this if I had the money.
I think Fidget Spinners are fun. I even bought an Italy one. But, a solid gold Fidget Spinner? It's almost like they made it with me in mind...

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