Somehow, Tanya and I both have styes at the same time, in the same exact eye.

Not only is a stye very uncomfortable, but we aren't supposed to wear makeup on our eyes until it's gone! (gasp!) As you can see in the picture above, Tanya took to wearing sunglasses and I just went sans eye makeup but trust me, I don't plan on going out without my eye makeup on so I'm not that brave!

Ok, so what is a stye exactly and how does it form? A stye is a small pimple like looking bump on the inside or outside of your lash line. It forms when one of your oil glands is blocked and fills up with bacteria. You get them from sleep deprivation, rubbing your eyes and lot a few random other things.

If you don't do anything to treat a stye, it will normally go away in about 7-10 days. They won't go away overnight but can go away sooner if you place a hot teabag on your eye where the stye is 3-4 times a day, a hot hard boiled egg, or a hot compress.

Anyone can get them, as far as we can tell they aren't contagious, it's just a random individual thing people get from time to time and thankfully, they do go away.

Photo: Holly Wood

I am convinced mine was caused by me rubbing my eyes due to allergies and Tanya thinks her's is from sleep deprivation. Either way, we hope to be free of them soon and hopefully no one else will get the pleasure of having one any time soon!