I think I'm a pretty "cool" mom. I can be a hard ass though. Grades are non-negotiable, my children are expected to try their best and excel in school. I also am very careful about what they watch as far as violence on TV and movies, violence really bothers me and I don't want them to become desensitized by it. But I would say in other ways I am a "cool" mom. For instance, when Caleb wanted a mohawk, I allowed it. In fact I allow them to have whatever hairstyle they want and dress the way they want too as long as it's clean and not immodest, which so far has never been an issue!

So according to a new study I may be the coolest mom ever! The study gave the top 30 things that make parents UNCOOL. I will share the top 15.

1.  Not knowing the top songs on the charts.

I know ALL the top songs!

2.  Not being able to work an iPhone.

Well I know how to use my iPhone but truth be told, my kids have helped me.

3.  Not knowing the words to current songs.

I know ALL the current songs!

4.  Your fashion sense.

I must be doing okay in this department because my daughter always wants to wear  my clothes!

5.  Owning a sensible or practical car.

Yup I own a sensible black car.

6.  Not seeing the attraction of video games.Well this one may make me a little uncool, although my kids don't play video games too much.

7.  Not knowing what "twerking" is.

I know what "twerking" is and can do it, however I don't!!!

8.  Not knowing what Spotify is.

I know what Spotify is and I use it!

9.  Not letting your kids stay out late.

They are still young so this isn't much of an issue yet and they usually stay up later than me anyway!

10.  Making your kids wear embarrassing clothes to school.

I'd never do this! Although I've been embarrassed by their clothes a few times!

11.  Singing and dancing around the house.

I admit to this one and I figure they are used to it after all these years!

12.  Being a smoker.

Not a smoker, never have, never will.

13.  Your hairstyle.

They think my hair is cool!

14.  Wanting to go with your kids on nights out.

I see nothing wrong with this one!

15.  Not knowing who pop singers are.

I now ALL the pop singers!

So the way I see it is the things that make a parent uncool are not issues with me! I know music and pop culture and fashion and let my kids pick out their own clothes.  So I must be a cool mom! Now I have proof and I will be showing this to my kids as soon as they get home today! I mean, look at my picture after all...that screams "Cool mom." haha  I just thought this was a cute and silly study and to share.

So how do you rank according to this list?

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