I've been so burnt out lately and desperately in need of a vacation! I looked forward to this vacation with just me and the kids for so long. We decided to go to Myrtle Beach, which is about a 13 hour drive. I decided to leave on Friday after work and the plan was to drive as far as I could then stop for the night and get up and finish the drive on Saturday. My goal was to be in Myrtle Beach by 11am on Saturday so we could spend the day at the beach. Well.....it took us 19 hours to get to the beach! We only got past Washington Friday and we had to stop. It took us 4 hours to go 40 miles. I was NOT happy!

So after a LONG drive we finally get to beach at around 4pm. But not before part of my bumper fell off my new car! I'm really not sure how or why that happened! Something must have been loose but we threw it in the trunk and decided to worry about it later! We change our clothes and head out to the beach...finally! As we were walking, I took a lovely fall on the sidewalk while I had Bentley in the backpack because his leg was still healing! My kids just rolled their eyes and kept walking! Anyway we took an amazing long walk on the beach and I was so happy to be on vacation. Away from everything. A much needed break. Alone time with the kids. No getting up at 4am after a typical night of only maybe five hours of sleep if I'm lucky. I was shocked at how great I felt getting a full 7-8 hours of sleep a night! We had a great time too. The sun, the beach, the pools! We went to a few of the "touristy" things they have in Myrtle Beach. We ate Ben & Jerry's (yes I caved and ate sugar!) We ate lunch one day overlooking the ocean and that was one of our favorite times. We also walked out on the Pier and watched the people fishing. We were told sometimes the sharks would come around while the people were cleaning the fish, but we didn't see any.

Even though it was a difficult drive to Myrtle Beach, I'm so happy we went!