My daughter Alexis is a HUGE 5 Seconds of Summer fan. She found out they were playing a concert in Rockefeller Center for the Today's show. So naturally she wanted to. SO I surprised her by taking her. We got into the city Monday afternoon and went to our hotel. We decided to walk down to the concert area to time it out for the morning. That's when we saw BLOCKS of people camping out. So Lexi was worried we wouldn't get in to see the show and she wanted to camp-out in the street too. I need a little sleep so we went back to the hotel and I crashed for a few hours then we got up at 2am and headed down there. We were TEN BLOCKS away now...I figured we would never see the show. But we waited. We put our towels down and laid down to try to get some sleep. At about 5am the line started to move and the crowding started. We got down one street and realized they were cutting off the line and we wouldn't see the show. That;s when the band started their sound check and the girls were all singing. And then it happened...they broke the barricade! The police couldn't stop it. We ended up getting rather close because the crowd went all the way to Central Park. They preformed three songs including "She Looks So Beautiful". They dd a great job! The Today Show said it was the biggest crowd they have ever had including bigger than when One Direction was there! It was a crazy adventure for sure and Lexi was so happy, and that's all that mattered! Here are some pictures of the morning!