I got an email from Rachel up at Ross Park Zoo, inviting me to come up and partake in a "Wallaby Experience". There are some animals up at the zoo that you can actually have an encounter with! An encounter is a one on one experience where you get to feed the animal, learn about them with their zoo keeper, some f the animals you can touch too. The wallabies are my favorite, so that's why she invited me to come 'hangout' with them. But when I got there sure really surprised me and said she was taking me to see and feed the wallabies, taking me to see the baby otters, and we were going to paint with the red panda! And as we were going to go see the red pandas, they let me stop and pet the lemurs! They were awesome! They like to be touched and scratched under their arms. It was a dream come true! Thank you so so much! If you are a huge animal lover like I am, you have to do one of the animal experiences! Here are some of my pictures.